History of Our Congregation

The following information about the history of the Skaggs church of Christ was taken from an article by Nick Shivley (circa 1997) and from past and current church records. 

"In a brush arbor, in about the year 1918, the Skaggs Church of Christ was born.  Located about a half-mile south of the old Whittenburg Store, near the present home of Oscar Prince, Jr., Brother John Harper held the first meeting, according to Vernon Lemmons, one of the living original members.  Other original members still living are Ray Allison of Pocahontas and Harry Fairchild of Knobel.  Fairchild is the grandfather of country singer, Barbara Fairchild, who has gained national recognition in the country music field.


In 1919, a beloved Church of Christ minister, Bert Shaver, held a meeting in the same place, and people at Skaggs believe that this meeting resulted in more baptisms than any other meeting ever held in Randolph County.  A total of 156 converts were baptized in Black River at Skagg's Ferry and Buttermilk Bend.

Following this meeting, the congregation began to meet one-quarter mile south of the brush arbor in the old Skaggs school building and met there until 1922, when a church building was completed.  Harry Fairchild hauled the brick for the flue from Hoxie by means of wagon and team.


The early worshippers at Skaggs included the Mays, Prince, Fry, Saylor, McDonald, Allison, Carter, Lemmons, Caffrey, James, Poe, Parten, and Taylor families.  Other fine families moved into the community in later years and joined in the fellowship and worship.


It is recorded that the only Lord's Day they failed to hold worship services in the building was on Easter Sunday in 1927, when the Black River levee broke and water ran through the windows of the building.  On that day, worshippers met at the home of S.W. Parten.


Some of the early ministers of the church were John Harper, Bert Shaver, John L. Fry, J. Will Henley, Stearl Watson, J.M. Curry, Amos, Monroe, and Will Lemmons, and Joe H. Belew.

It is interesting to note that the family name of Lemmons has long been synonomous with the growth of the Church of Christ in Randolph County.


In 1852, John M. Lemmons, a native of Virginia, came to Randolph County at the age of 36, and with the help of his older sons and two or three neighbors built a log church on Hubble Creek, located between Birdell and Noland.  During the Civil War, in about 1862, this building was burned and was replaced by another building erected on Carter Creek about four years later by Lemmons and his neighbors.  Lemmons was the father of seven sons and two daughters and many of his descendants are prominent in Randolph County today.  Two of his sons, Amos and Peyton, became well known throughout the county as Church of Christ ministers.  There have been several other ministers through succeeding generations of the Lemmons family."


In 1971, the church moved to its present location on Prince Street in East Pocahontas.  The Church moved into a

new building at its present location on January 1, 1995.  


Ministers of the Skaggs Church of Christ in recent years have been Grant Killion, Robert Ray, and Wesley Nibert Jr., Gerald Fears and John Fears.  The present minister is Kerry Hueter.  


Currently, the congregation meeting at Skaggs is under the leadership of three (3) Elders (Chuck Andrews, Bob Harpole, and Doris Lee Williams).  Former Elders (overseers) of the Skaggs Church of Christ include:  Bill Gay, Frank Harris and Oscar Prince, Jr.  Currently, eight (8) Deacons (Clay Crabtree, Rick Haley, Aaron Murphy, Brandon Murphy, Clifford Rorex, Josh Rutter, Kenny Smith, & Jason Summers) serve under the current Eldership.


Over the years the Skaggs Church of Christ has experienced tremendous growth.  Church records indicate the following growth patterns...  

  • In 1970 (just prior to moving from the country to its present location on Prince Street) Skaggs' average Sunday morning attendance was 70.  

  • In 1980 the average Sunday morning attendance was around 130.  

  • In the year 2004 the average Sunday morning attendance was 231.  

  • By the year 2011, the average Sunday morning attendance had grown to 267.  

  • The average attendance in 2013 was 312 and, as a result, a new worship facility was constructed.  

  • The average attendance in 2014 was 343; growth continued.

  • The average attendance in 2015 was 361.

  • The average attendance in 2016 was 365. 

  • The church at Skaggs continues to grow.  Skaggs is excited about the current and future spiritual opportunities that God provides.


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